Maximum Money Mode

Turn up the earnings, with your music.

Fuzic is obsessed with bringing you, the artist, more options to earn. We don't care if we have to yodel from the trees or use Web3, if it helps you earn more, we'll do it. Yolo.


Fuzic Fuses All

Fuzic stands at the intersection of music and technology while fostering a vibrant music ecosystem. We empower our artists with tools and opportunities to capture a larger audience and help them to actively engage investors and fans.

Musical Masterpiece Funding

Fuzic's Investment DAO redefines Musical Masterpiece Funding. Artists can pitch their projects to a dedicated community, ensuring transparent, blockchain-secured funding with clear terms, and a democratic approach to supporting musical innovation.

Rise to the top

Fuzic introduces a dynamic contest ecosystem, designed to cater to a diverse range of musical talents and enthusiasts. With these diverse contest features, Fuzic establishes itself as a hub of musical competition and collaboration, catering to a wide spectrum of artists and music aficionados.

Worldwide Distribution

Fuzic provides artists a top-tier, innovative worldwide music distribution platform. Seamlessly upload, manage, and share tracks globally. Emphasizing fair pay, transparent analytics, and artist empowerment, we ensure artists shine and profit from their dedication.

Fuzic Deck V1

Fuzic aims to build a music lover's paradise where artists can dream creations to reality

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